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Who We Target & Why

We target  the “C” suite, i.e.., CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s or those executives in major businesses with the ultimate authority to our target markets, which are:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • United States
  • GCC

The EDB is responsible for attracting inward investment into Bahrain, and is focusing on four target economic sectors in which the Kingdom offers significant strengths. These are:

  • financial services
  • downstream industries
  • tourism
  • logistics


These clusters capitalize on Bahrain’s competitive advantages and provide significant investment opportunities. The EDB works to enhance the capabilities, infrastructure and policies that are tied to these clusters and to the overall business environment, with the ultimate aim of attracting investment in these areas and thereby contributing to the Kingdom’s economic growth.

The EDB is also responsible for promoting the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad through its overseas network of dedicated offices and by working closely with its embassies across the world to promote business investment opportunities. In addition, the EDB offers an investor facilitation service to first-time investors who are interested in investing in Bahrain. This service includes acting as the first point of contact to the Kingdom, understanding the objectives of investors, providing them with information regarding the relevant procedures for setting up business and helping them form a network of contacts in Bahrain.

Bahrain has increasingly become a compelling destination for foreign direct investment, as well as an ideal lifestyle location for professional families living and working in and around the Gulf. Therefore the EDB’s overarching objective is to deliver a strategy in order to effectively:

  • attract strategic investors and business partners to the Kingdom 
  • cultivate and grow a highly-skilled talent base within Bahrain’s diverse and vibrant community of locals and expats
  • (over time) selectively increase Bahrain’s tourism flow to the Kingdom

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