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Set up a Business

Not only have we worked hard to create the broad economic framework expected by international businesses, we have also put in place a dedicated support infrastructure for businesses setting up in our country.

At the centre of our drive to attract and support foreign businesses is the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), a dynamic public agency.

Facilitation services

Businesses setting up in Bahrain receive valuable assistance, helping them to assess their opportunities in the Gulf and to execute the practical steps free of charge.

The Economic Development Board’s business development team supports investors. Sector specialists can help you to analyse:

  •  Costs
  •  Infrastructure
  •  Workforce requirements
  •  Regulatory, legal and tax issues
  •  Market opportunity.
You will be assigned a relationship manager who can introduce you to other companies that have set up in the kingdom.

Your relationship manager will refer you to our Bahrain Investors Centre, which is an efficient one-stop-shop for setting up a business, and will follow up on registration applications.  Additionally, your relationship manager will liaise with the relevant ministries, as well as the business community, to ease the process of setting up. 

However, our support does not stop there: one of the things that makes Bahrain unique is the continued level of support you receive after you have set up your business. We do not just bring you out here; we help you to succeed.

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