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How We Can Help

Our services include:

  • Information on business opportunities in The Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Information on how to set up a business in Bahrain.
  • Location advice.

Qualified advice by business specialists

We have developed a strong knowledge base in industries where Bahrain enjoys specific advantages. Our sector specialists will act as matchmakers and work closely with your company to help identify potential opportunities in Bahrain that could strengthen your regional and global business.

Company Establishment Process

Our Investor Relations officers will assist and guide you through the process of establishing your company in Bahrain. The licensing and operational process begins with finding a relevant business activity for you followed by retrieving the required approval from the sector-related regulators.

Setting up core steps:

1. Exploring Opportunities:

  • Evaluate investment proposal
  • Understand local business environment
  • Present sector related opportunities
  • Value proposition

2. Visiting Bahrain:

  • Set up relevant meetings
  • Introduction to key stakeholders
  • Ensure you leave with necessary information to decide on setting up

3. Establishment:

  • Support your establishment and assist with information services
  • Facilitate and navigate access to authorities, organizations and institutions                        

4. Aftercare:

  •  Feedback on progress and overall satisfaction 
  •  Continued contact

 Why Invest in Bahrain


Bahrain's econmoy is 12th freest in the world.

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