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National Development Strategy (2015-2018)

In 2008, the Economic Vision 2030 was launched by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, as part of the Kingdom’s ambitious programme to ensure the enduring well-being and prosperity of all Bahrainis. To contribute to the realisation of this Vision, the Government of Bahrain is committed to an ongoing process of strategic planning under which policy choices are made in an informed evidence-based manner, and with a full understanding of the opportunities and limitations that face the country. The Kingdom’s goal is to utilise its available resources in a smart and equitable manner, in order to ensure that national development rests on the guiding principles of sustainability, competitiveness, and fairness in a way that will continue to improve the lives of all Bahrainis.
To this end, the Government has developed a National Economic Strategy for the planning period of 2008-2014 to guide the direction of the economy and Government. It illustrated the links between government policies, identified key initiatives to be implemented over the planning period, assigned responsibility for the initiatives, and outlined the actions necessary to achieve them. Since the 2030 Economic Vision and the accompanying National Economic Strategy were adopted by the Kingdom, much progress has been achieved in reforming Bahrain’s economy and in increasing the effectiveness of Government institutions. However, the Kingdom also faced some challenges that impeded its success with regards to the implementation of some of its commitments.
In light of experience and changing circumstances, this document represents the next step in Bahrain’s journey toward the attainment of the Vision, as it outlines the medium-term strategic direction of the country in the 2015-2018 planning period.