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The Bahrain Economic Development Board is the first point of call for entities wanting to estabilish their business in Bahrain.

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We are dedicated to raising living standards by creating greater opportunities for our citizens and by making Bahrain a highly attractive destination for business.

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 Growth Drivers White Paper


The first decade of the 21st century proved highly successful for the Bahraini economy. The nation’s GDP grew rapidly with an average annual increase of 5% in 2000-2011.

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 Economic Vision 2030


Together, we can master the challenges so that we can share the fruits of today’s reforms with our children and the generations to come.

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 EDB's Achievements




The summer months have been characterized by relative continuity for the global economy while the GCC region has faced renewed oil price volatility and fiscal consolidation efforts. While this has exerted some downward pressure on growth, the non-oil drivers appear generally resilient and several indicators point to some increase in activity.


 Key Investment Sectors


While we are committed to developing all areas of private enterprise, six sectors are particularly important to our economy.

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